Brugmansias, also known as Angel Trumpets ( but not to be confused with Daturas) are toxic. All parts of them, down to the seed.

Here in Tennessee, I leave my Brugs in the ground through the winter, cut down to the ground , mulched, and covered with a big pot.

In colder climates, you will want to either plant your Brugmansia in a large pot and bring it in for the winter, or plant it in the ground and dig it up and bring it in.
Believe me, the little bit of extra trouble is worth it ! Brugmansias are an absolutely show stopping gorgeous plant ! Mine grow to 6' tall. I cut them back to within 6" in the late fall, and still yet they grow right back the next year to that height.

You MUST feed your brugs, they do love it, and will grow and bloom more for you when you do.
Mine start blooming in late summer, although I've seen them bloom mid summer. I had blooms on mine in early November here, they were just covered .

The blooms open up in the evening and the fragrance is to die for.
HUGE blooms, that look like upside down teacups.
Everyone always wants to know what that is blooming in my yard.

You must have one of these !

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